Processed Vegetables

shredded_lettuceShredded Lettuce
Freshly processed Shredded Iceberg Lettuce, packed in 4×2.5 Kg bags per carton.
shredded_carrotShredded Carrot
Shredded Carrot packed in 4×1 Kg bags per carton. Great for sandwiches!
peeled_potatoesWhole Peeled Potatoes
Whole Peeled Potatoes packed in 5 Kg bags takes the pain out of peeling potatoes in your restaurant.
pumpkin_portionsPumpkin Portions
Peeled Pumpkin Portions packed in 5 Kg bags or Pumpkin Portions with the skin on packed in 2×2 Kg bags per carton.
peeled_carrotsCarrot Portions
Peeled Carrot Portions packed in 2×2 Kg bags per cartons. Great for baked dinners!
Fresh, whole cucumbers are supplied in 10kg cartons.

Cut Fresh Salads supply many more processed vegetable lines for use in restaurants, fast food outlets and food service caterers. Please ask one of our Customer Service Team on 1300 791 721 for more information.