Covino Farms

A TRULY UNIQUE PARTNERSHIPcovino-logo-incomplete

For the first time ever in our industry Cut Fresh Salads offers a total solution from ‘seed to store’.

Cut Fresh Salads is owned by Covino Farms, one of the largest growers of Lettuce and Carrots in the country.

Our partnership with Covino Farms assures that product is grown specifically for our customers.

Covino Farms grows all the key produce items used in the main lines produced for valued customers.


The Victorian farm comprises over 3,500 acres spread across 3 diverse regions of East Gippsland and the Queensland farm is over 1,000 acres at Brightview near Gatton. With abundant water allocation, large scale vegetable production, and a temperate climate at both farms, Covino Farms is well placed to supply continuously, even under the most extreme climatic conditions.

Moreover, in the extremely unlikely event that adequate produce cannot be supplied from the farms, the relationships and contacts enjoyed by the directors of Cut Fresh
Salads and Covino Farms assure that produce can always be procured from other growers.

In addition, the climatic conditions that prevail in the growing regions enable them to grow our lettuce, cabbage and carrot all year round.

With respect to its processing facilities, it is Covino Farm‘s policy to hold all critical spare parts for their machinery to minimise extended lead-times on imported and technical spares.

They also mitigate any risk of power failure disrupting production with on-site, standby generators.

In the very unlikely event of building loss due to fire or other extreme conditions, Cut Fresh Salads would procure stock via another approved supplier, and run the stock through our current order and distribution system.